About Us

At first, I had no idea of a web tool like it is today. When I was a new developer, I thought of creating an end-to-end site matrics tool for myself just to get daily help for my projects. After spending a few weeks on it I was able to create it and make it live, I learned some new things and I wanted to save it. Then this idea came up of keeping an online copy of this script so that other users can also benefit from it.

da-pa-checker.com is a free tool to check website authority. DA stands for domain authority and pa stand for page authority is an SEO metric offered by Moz which is known as the value or strength of a domain or a web page. It ranges from score 0 to 100. The higher the score you have, the higher will be your website worth or domain authority.

We are always committed to providing the best experience to our visitors so that they can get benefits from this tool. Being a developer, most of the content on this platform will be related to SEO tricks but I am open in posting articles and blogs related to other technologies that would be helpful to others.

I am always open to your suggestions and feedback. You can always reach me at [email protected] or suggest to me here.